We expect you are noticing the media headlines regarding coronavirus and the higher levels of investment volatility. We want to reassure you that we continue to actively monitor your investments closely.

The effects of coronavirus spreading outside China will clearly have a negative impact on economic activity and share markets as the crisis is dealt with.

At Milford we have been monitoring the outbreak since it began. Recognising the rising economic risks, and also aware that share markets were likely to move downwards as investors digest the ongoing news, our diversified funds took action early to reduce some exposure to shares. This has already helped to cushion some of the impact of negative share markets over the past few days.

As active managers, we have the flexibility to adjust our portfolios in real time based on our assessment of the risks and rewards on offer. Market volatility such as what we are currently experiencing provides opportunity for us to deliver better outcomes for our investors over time.

We appreciate that trusting in the investment process can be challenging at times. Investment markets will both rise and fall over time – this is very normal. Investors should be wary of reacting to headlines and before making any major changes be sure to ask themselves if their investment objectives have changed or if they are simply feeling nervous due to news they’re hearing. It might help to review your risk appetite and investment time horizon.

Our investment team continues to monitor the situation in real time and is making decisions within the funds accordingly. Whilst there is uncertainty in the short term, we believe that in the long term it is likely that global economic growth will continue, supported by low interest rates and by governments poised to respond.

Source: https://milfordasset.com/insights/coronavirus-an-investment-update